Monday, May 31, 2010

Taras Bulba: the movie: the real life

Cossacks still exist. Some are con-men, and some are vigilantes. fuck ya. They can wield the force, but they call it "KHARAKTERHYKY". They also have formed a martial art called "KOZATSVO".

Guillaume Herbaut is some wacky European journalist who somewhat recently took shots of an existing Ukrainian cossack training camp that spawned from the Orange revolution. These pictures are awesome. There's a woman's camp too, in the Carpathian mountains called the "Asgarda". They also train to kick ass.

I would be afraid of this seeming like a terrorist training camp if it weren't so Ukrainian and didn't look so fucking awesome.

I hereby induct Guillaume Herbaut into the Great Men of Dab, simply for alerting the world of the new Cossack presence.

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