Monday, November 15, 2010

WHOA. I shouldn't a said that

So i learnt about Taras Bulba (real name Barovets) today,

he was a ukrainian dude who organized insurgent armies against the Germans in WWII. Now you know.

Also because I have been ukrainianized 24/7 with this 12 page essay I have to write check out some info about this crazy russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky, hes run for president a couple times but his party has like 8% popularity......:

direct quote to time magainze in 1994: "Ukraine and Belarus will be the first to rejoin Russia. Tajikistan, Armenia and Abkhazia are begging to be taken back as Russian provinces. As for the Baltics, they are welcome to their independence- if they have sufficient resources to sustain it after we cut short all energy supplies."

Hates the jews obvi, thinks they're responsible for russian prostitutes, Loves Hitler and is bffs with the guy who denies the gas chambers during WWii... and obvi, his dad was jewish.

thinks the chinese should be deported from the russian far east.

when he visited the US, he said on tv be careful your country should preserve the white race, its turning over to blacks and hispanics.

wants to have alaska back from the US because it would be a good place to put all the ukrainians....

thinks nuclear waste should be dumped in the Balkans.

Thinks Romania is an artificial state created by Italian Gypsies.

When Condi Rice critisized his policies he said "Condoleeza Rice needs a a company of soldiers and be taken down to the barracks, where she will be satisfied..."

Loves nukes, has threaten nuking chechyna, japan, and wanted to drop nukes in the atlantic to flood Great Britain.

To eradicate bird flu, he wanted to arm all of the russian population and have them and the army shoot down migratory birds.

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