Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"of course im not drinking in public officer, im just enjoying a delicious diet coke"

this will come in handy one day i swear, this came to me as i was looking at ways to smuggle booze/drugs into Coachella.
this is perfect for anything really; grocery shopping, special events, Mormon weddings, at school, at church or just because!
And it doesn't have to be Diet Coke (although it works best im told) but you can use any of your favorite soft drinks; sprite, coke, orange crush, root-beer, fuck it V8, anything. fucking bedazzle that shit, design your own, and know one will ever know.
i stopped drinking soda/pop/carbonated sugar beverages, so if you ever see me with one... you know wtf is up!


Tinski said...

oh wow! Perfect!

pesik said...

ya im sure the staff at sals wont be suspicious at all when you walk in with a six of "ginger ale"

Katina said...

too much work.

Quetzalcoatl said...

i agree.
also, cutting off the corners prevents you from being stabbed but the possibility of being viciously sliced is still a major issue here.

Tinski said...

who cares about getting sliced, if your getting sloshed!

Nyk Bielak said...

once again mike thank you for being the voice of our mothers, i should have added to make sure you wear protective lenses, gloves, safety vest, rape whistle and parental supervision whilst assembling to prevent injury.

Stefanie said...

i sort of agree with mike, getting sliced with this can would be the worst day ever. although it looks EXACTLY like coke after it's all done.