Wednesday, July 7, 2010

i cant sleep

im too excited.

but ive never seen this video before, i think its cute. and i like them better for it


Anonymous said...

I want some clarks. Prolly some browns... maybe camels/tan. haven't decided. what's best?

Anonymous said...

Oh and um you should go to the beach house/campire weekend/dum dum dum dum dum dum girls show at tha toronto M.A... Dumb girl! :]! You are a storpedo aka a stupid torpedo. JK. Youre smart. <3
( . )( . ) taytays...
orr... inquisitive eyeballs...
I Balls.
The Clean. Tally Ho. Wicked jam.
Je suis un storpedo,
Shang Gree Lah Dee Dah
P.S. I'm Guay
I'm that drummer. Would you like to start a band?

Nicholas Luchak said...

what the fuck is this? What's going on? Show yourself!