Thursday, July 29, 2010

I dunno buddy. Thor Trailer.

Here i am, at work, deciding if i liked what i saw here this day.
It certainly looks cool. It certainly looks like a shit balls hollywood trailer as well.
I remain cautiously optimistic that Kenneth Branaugh made this actually awesome and whoever edited this trailer made it look exponentially less awesome.

*It has come to my attention that the "video cannot be found". It probably got pulled from the internet. Therefore i am the only one who has ever seen this and i fucking rule. Long story short, Anthony Hopkins is awesome, Thor looks okay, the trailer uses a lot of super cartoony punching, exploding, and growling sound effects, and Natalie Portman and Nick and Norah's playlist girl make it seem like it turns into a "Thor and his outrageously witty odd couple girlfriends go find a hammer for him to go fight his brother who overthrew the throne of Asgard: the movie". Guess what, the trialer doesn't leave a lot of plot to the imagination. The music sucks too. Its like the music from every epic/action movie like Clash of the Titans where there's a gradual heavy build up that sounds a lot like Kashmir by Zeppelin, but isn't for copyright sake, and at the end of it there's high pitched strings and it all goes dead quiet and the screen goes dark and someone says some line like: "...But they dont know what i can do", or "...This is my country", or "...theres only one rule...don't die" in a low gravelly voice, before you get bukakke'd by action sequences and explosions. Also, fuck Nick and Norah's Playlist.

** In Marvel's defense, apparently it was an unfinished super sneaky peeky trailer that was only supposed to be seen by people at the San Diego Comic Con. This means that the sound effects were just stock sounds, and the music may have been shitty stock music as well. Which would make sense as to why i hear that fucking Kashmir rip off so often.

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