Saturday, August 14, 2010

HEYO Everyone

So i've probably talked to everyone about this already cuz i think it's super neat, but actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt:

pictured here as child, has a produciton company called It's super cool cuz it's an online community/pool of talented folks who upload their ORIGINAL (obvs) what have-yous (ie: Film, Writing, Music.... etc) and give access to the hitrecord community to use their stuff and remix it as their own. Sometimes JGL sends out open calls for submissions and remixes to have possible chance of film festival submission and such and possible $$ earning!

Heres an example of possibilities if say Tinki had an account:

1- he uploads the movie store prank call
2-someone could download it (he'd be notified)
3- they remix it in with a piece of their own work
4-tinki can download anybodys stuff and use it to mix with his work

2(b)- say JGL says "hey guys! i wanna send a short film to Sundance about corn let's see what you got!"
3(b)- tinki remixes his voicemail to be laidover top of a short film (and miraculously it's picked) tinki makes it all the way to sundance!

Anywho that's just a brief. Check out the site it's really cool and something of the sweet pals shoudl be on it combined we have a lot of creative talent. I linked it in the title.

Oh and here's a short that they just submit to SXSW! It's super cute and remixed by a bunch of peeps!

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